is a highly soluble, low pH algicide/bactericide* designed for use in lakes, ponds, reservoirs, sedimentation basins, irrigation canals, treatment lagoons and other water systems.   EarthTec reduces taste and odor from drinking water.

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Non Chlorine Pool Products

is a tasteless and odorless alternative to traditional chemicals. It is gentle to eyes, skin, hair and equipment, yet it powerfully keeps water clean and clear, whether in pools, spas or swim spas.

PristineBlue is easy to use, and is low maintenance and works hard, allowing homeowners to relax and to attend to their water less often, only once every 2 weeks.

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algae prevention in ponds

Algae Shield
is 100% guaranteed algae-prevention for chlorine and bromine pools, spas and hot tubs, and for saltwater chlorination systems. Most algae products on the market are made for use after algae occurs. Algae Shield actually prevents ugly green water with just one ounce per 1,000 gallons of water once a month.

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cloudy pool water prevention

Say “goodbye” to cloudy pool or spa water! Clara~FierTM is an easy-to-use water clarifier.  Its unique formula brings suspended particles together, allowing your filtration system to naturally remove the ingredients that make water cloudy. 
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*Nonpublic Health Bacteria


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